Washington Beauty

I live in the most beautiful place!



Oregon Road Trip

I decided to book it down the 101 for a week. Sang some fun tunes, and saw some very beautiful things.


Lake Tahoe

In May some friends and I took a trip to Truckee, California to visit our mutual best friend from high school. It rained the whole time, but hey it was still just beautiful out there!


Mt. Rainier

Mt. Rainier National Park, you are so awesome.


Redbull Soapbox Derby

This weekend was the Redbull Soapbox Derby in Seattle! There were a million people there but luckily I had my GoPro with me to get over the crowds.




The summer of 2011 my friend Adam Shelhorn was living in the resort town outside of Denali National Park, so I went to visit the wilderness. 

Star Trails over the Rockies

Star trails, timelapses, and the Milky Way over Colorado.

Star Trails Over Boulder 63 shots low

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